Contract manufacturing glass ampoules


The glass ampoule is a packaging with an exclusive appearance.
It can be found in numerous markets and ensures the right appearance of all kind of products like cosmetics and food (supplements).

The ampoule is a safe, transparant, reliable en professional packaging. Because of the exclusive character of the glass ampoule they are able to upgrade your product and your assortment.


At Profill we only use ampoules produced in Europe. Glass of the 1st hydrolytic class is used for the production of the ampoules. You can choose from clear or brown glass.

The ampoules are manufactured under GMP guidelines and according to the quality management system DIN EN ISO 9187. Every step in the production process is continuously monitored.

A major part of the ampoules is used in the pharmaceutical market. In addition, the ampoules meet all requirements for use in hospitals.

Very high quality requirements ask for intensive checks. These take place by means of an optical control system as well as by quality controllers during production. After production, the ampoules are randomly subjected to various tests. Only after approval the ampoules are released for further processing.

Contract manufacturing

Filling of ampoules is a specialism. The quality of both the liquid and the ampoules are guaranteed throughout the entire process through our ISO 22000-certification.

Both water-based and oil-based liquids are suitable for filling into glass ampoules. You can supply your own liquid for filling. It is also possible that we have your liquid produced by certified partners.

We offer the possibility to have your liquid filled in different sizes: 1 ml, 2 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml and 20 ml.
These are the most commonly used formats. Should you like to have another format please contact us.

Ampoules should normally be bought in large numbers. Because we divide the quantities to be purchased over various projects and through agreements with European manufacturers, it is also possible to supply smaller quantities for certain formats.


Printing the ampoules gives them an even more professional look.

It is possible to provide the ampoules with your own logo, text and/or batch code and best before date.

By means of the screen printing technique, the glass ampoules are provided with a scratch and smudge-resistant one-colour print immediately during production. The printing can be done in almost any desired color. Think of the color of the corporate identity or of the brand in question.

Ampoule breaker

The ampoule breaker is a plastic tool which enables you to open the glass ampoule in a safe and easy way. 
In addition, the ampoule breaker ensures that fingers do not come into direct contact with the content of the ampoule.

We can supply ampoule breakers for single use and for repeated use. Please feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

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